Vitamin Gets Active Campaign Partner Certification

Having successfully completed the Active Campaign Partner training programme, the team at Vitamin are delighted to now be able to offer integration, marketing support and customer analytics using Active Campaign CRM.

Active Campaign helps organisations of all sizes to reach, grow and convert audiences into customers. By helping to fill the vital gap between marketing and sales, the team here at Vitamin are looking forward to helping our clients realise even more measurable success from our digital marketing services.


Using embedded forms, direct email marketing (GDPR compliant naturally!), analytics and much more, Active Campaign helps us to get in contact with customers who are genuinely interested in our clients’ products and services.


Active Campaign’s suite of smart automation tools integrate perfectly with our existing, proven workflows, helping us to keep customers engaged and our clients’ brands visible and relevant.


Working with our clients’ sales teams, we provide support with identifying and helping to convert prospects. Active campaign’s smart automation tools allow us to deliver timely insights to the deal closers.

Find out more about Active Campaign here and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss how Active Campaign can help your organisation.